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Editor’s Note: Brenden Mulligan is an avid traveler and entrepreneur who created Onesheet, Webbygram, TipList, ArtistData, MorningPics, and PhotoPile. You can find him on Twitter at @mulligan. In my opinion, the smartphone is the.

The iPhone 8 exists simultaneously in two time periods—an emerging future pervaded by innovative new apps incorporating augmented reality and machine learning and a past when LCD displays offered the best quality and the.

"All I really needed was my iPhone and my passport." That’s what the narrator in a TV commercial for the Apple iPhone and its apps says about his trip to Spain. Interesting, I thought when I first saw it. I’d just spent several months.

A comprehensive guide to help you use your iPhone as your personal digital assistant while traveling and on vacation.

A new free travel app for iPhone launched by Upside, April 26, 2017, at 8:05 a.m. ET, is ready to make business travel easier. The Upside app is specifically designed for people who work for smaller to mid-sized companies requiring.

Update iPhone Roaming. Once you have been notified that the International Service has been activated, you should update the roaming services on your iPhone.

Your iPhone is always with you, so it makes for a great travel companion when you need all kinds of information about the places your visit on your vacations. Here are our favorite travel apps to help make your vacations a breeze. For the flip.

Oct 13, 2012  · Editor’s Note: Brenden Mulligan is an avid traveler and entrepreneur who created Onesheet, Webbygram, TipList, ArtistData, MorningPics, and PhotoPile.

Travel Mode reduces Snapchat's mobile data usage! When Travel Mode is enabled, just tap to load content like Snaps and Stories while using mobile data. Please follow these steps to turn Travel Mode on or off: Tap in the top right hand corner of your Profile screen; Tap on 'Manage' under 'Additional Services'.

An iPhone app is like a potato chip. “You always want to have just one more,” says Chris Hall, editor in chief of His review website, named for the.

Apr 18, 2011  · I dont want to get back with a large roaming bill. I plan to use the Skype app for all my calls and the Hotel WiFi for checking email. Is there.

Let's face it – the wireless carriers know they've got us between a rock and a hard place when we travel to a foreign country. We want to bring our iPhones along on our trips, but international roaming fees can add hundreds of dollars to our wireless bills if we're not careful! Hello, my name is Marcel Brown and I'm a.

Are you ready for summer travel? If your destination is anywhere outside the United States and you plan to bring along your trusty iPhone, you’ll want to read on to.

The tech world stood still on Wednesday as Apple (AAPL) unveiled the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Except for the missing headphone jack, the phone doesn’t look wildly different. Still, there are some product improvements and new.

3. Use the best language app for travelers. Pleco is the best Chinese language app for travelers. The basic dictionary app is free. It costs US$14.95 to buy the optical character recognition function (compatible with the iPhone 4 or 5 camera). Point the iPhone at a Chinese menu and get an instant translation.

Call 844-222-1889 to make a purchase today! T-Mobile international plans are great for data and texting while traveling abroad without incurring roaming charges. Call 1.800.TMOBILE to make a purchase today!

The company currently has about 15,000 travel related recommendations such as hotels. convenient time when WeChat’s tipping feature is recently on the table with iPhone maker Apple, prior to an earlier disagreement between.

If you’re going overseas with an iPhone, here are the top five things you must know before you go. #1 Don’t use data roaming The iPhone uses a lot of data, which can.

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iPhone App. The XE Currency App for the iPhone lets you keep track of live rates for every world currency – or calculate prices with the mobile currency calculator.

Tired of paying extra money while traveling due to international roaming charges ? Find out how to avoid or eliminate roaming. The handy WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that is available for iPhone, BlackBerry , Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. 3. iPhone. You can use several different.

Jul 3, 2013. If you want to access the Internet on your smartphone when traveling abroad, consider enabling Airplane Mode on your phone. You can still enable Wi-Fi when your phone is in Airplane Mode, so head somewhere like McDonald's or Starbucks for free Internet access. If you have an iPhone, open Settings.

That aside, I used the 6 Plus heavily every day and found it to be an excellent traveling companion. I stand by my earlier assertion that the iPhone 6 Plus is “not THAT big.” In fact, after a few days’ use, it feels just right to me and other.

Dec 22, 2017. room for cheap, and renew your passport without ever leaving your home. All you need to do is download a few apps. Before you plan your next weekend getaway or book a flight to some sunny paradise, check out these must-have travel apps for your iPhone or Android device. View As: One Page Slides.

May 14, 2015. Whether you're capturing holiday memories to show your friends and family or you secretly want to launch a career as a travel videographer, simply clicking the record button on your iPhone isn't going to produce the kind of film that will hold anyone's (except maybe your mum's) attention, or show how.

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Mar 19, 2015  · With every iPhone, iPad and iPod comes a set of densely worded documents informing you that by using these gadgets you’re giving up a.

Jun 5, 2015. We take you through our top tips on how to shoot better videos from your holidays on your iPhone or iPad.

An app that launched with last year’s iOS 6 software remains one of the iPhone’s biggest travel boons. Passbook is a travel wallet app that holds digital boarding passes, hotel confirmations and other booking tickets, then uses the.

The hardware and evolving software on the iPhone removed. things that make travel, particularly solo travel, so beautiful. Colin Nagy, head of strategy at Fred & Farid, a global advertising agency, writes this opinion column for Skift.

One of the best moments for any traveler is the lead-up to leaving, when the money’s still in the bank and the world is your oyster. During that pre-vacation high is the best time to load up your iPhone with a few apps that will help you choose.

I listen to podcasts and would love to be able to start them home and continue them while traveling, and vice versa. I think an easy way to do this would be to add the iPhone (speaker/headset/etc.) itself as a Sonos Zone / "room." This way when I started a podcast say at home, playing throughout the house,

Jun 29, 2015  · A travel photographer reveals how to get the best photos while traveling

It’s helped a woman – currently travelling around the world – get one step closer to being reunited with her iPhone.

Jun 19, 2017. Twenty bucks a meg is a pile of money for a trickle of data. If you are not up to speed on data measurements, consider that the average iPhone camera photo is just under two megabytes in size. So if I take a photo and send it over my cell phone, it will cost me nearly forty bucks — that had better be one.

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Dec 15, 2016. On an iPhone like Pliskin's, you must switch to “Airplane mode” and turn on WiFi. But a few careless swipes can mean your phone will start roaming, incurring fees. Buying and installing a SIM card isn't difficult, but some smartphones don't accept outside cards (in geek-speak, they're “locked”). The NCL.

Whether lazing about on beaches or scaling mountains, modern travellers come armed with tech. This should come as no surprise – a smartphone can document your travels, be used for calling home, entertain, and be a weapon of last resort.

Aug 3, 2017. I'm a master of remembering I have a flight in 3 hours, packing in under 30 minutes, and arriving to the airport barely on time. And this is not some quality packing, I must say. I once forgot to pack any kind of pants. It wasn't fun trying to find a store in a tiny German town on a Sunday (fast forward – pants not.

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Mar 07, 2017  · How and when to use Airplane Mode on iPhone. Using Airplane Mode on your iPhone isn’t reserved just for flights. by ;. While traveling internationally.

Sep 08, 2009  · Read a free sample or buy Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd & Ann Kidd Taylor. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone…

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Traveling to a new place that may have unfamiliar fare? Simply want to branch out from the norm a bit? Well, the ipiit app can help you do both safely. ipiit is available for both iPhone and Android devices, with a straightforward user interface.

Dec 21, 2017  · Eyebrows rose when Apple announced the launch of the Apple iPhone X. The new iPhone X comes with some impressive features like an OLED screen, wireless.

Disable the calling and data services on your iPhone while you're on vacation to save money on roaming charges. International roaming charges can mount up quickly when you're traveling abroad. Fortunately, you can disable the Data Roaming and Cellular Data features to stop your iPhone from checking your email.

Sep 25, 2014. Following on from my first impressions of the iPhone 6 Plus on launch day, here are some thoughts based on using Apple's mega-phone during a four-day trip away from home this week. With its big screen and purportedly great battery life, is this the device for people who want to use an iPhone as part of a.

Learn how to set up your mobile phone for international travel.

Which is the best camera for travel, a DSLR or an iPhone? Read a comparison of traveling with a DSLR camera and an iPhone to help you decide.

I took my new iPhone X with me on a weeks-long vacation to Italy, forgoing a laptop or tablet. The phone’s camera and.

iGO, Inc. offers a full line of innovative accessories for almost every mobile electronic device on the market. Whether a consumer wants to power, protect, listen to.

For those of us who’ve always dreamed of traveling more but need a bit of inspiration, Afar’s new iPhone app may be just the ticket. Afar, which began as a travel magazine before hitting the web, is focused on experiential travel. Consider it.

Rent a Phone for International Travel. We offer several cell phone rental options for international travelers. If you are traveling to just one country, select the country to where you are traveling from the list of countries below. If you are traveling to more than one country, please click on the link for the National Geographic Cell.

But we’ve also gotta say that the iPhone — along with his friends the Internet and the laptop — has snuck in and sucked some of the best parts out of travel. Remember when. actual source. 15. Your carry-on bag will never be a light little.

The Cheapskate’s Guide to Traveling With Your iPhone. 304 likes. A book by Independent Technology Professional Marcel Brown: Save Big Money on Your.