BREAKING USA to Israel more F35 Jets over Russia s300 integrated Nuclear Control System 10/6/18

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USA providing Israel more F35 Stealth Fighter Jets to face Russian S300 Air Defense System in Syria

Syria’s S-300s are being integrated in Russia’s national nuclear C3 command and control system

BREAKING Russia upgraded ASSAD Syria Air defense systems & Electronic Warfare on Israel September 2018 News

BREAKING Syria Vows to use upgraded S300 Air defense systems & Electronic Warfare on Israel 9/28/18

India Russia sign S400 Missile Air Defense deal defiant to incompatible USA NATO system 10/5/18

Something Strange going on Supervolcano Yellowstone Dormant Geyser NOW Active Raw Footage 10/3/18

Yellowstone Supervolcano Massive Eruption would cause Global Catastrophic destruction

BREAKING Something Strange Going On Volcano Eruptions Earthquakes Tsunamis October 2018

BREAKING Hurricane Rosa Electrical Thunderstorm California Arizona border Raw Footage 9/30/18

BREAKING 7.5 Earthquake 10 foot Tsunami Indonesia 100’s killed RAW FOOTAGE update September 29 2018

BREAKING 7.5 Earthquake Tsunami slams into Indonesian city RAW FOOTAGE September 28 2018

BREAKING USA F35 First Combat mission in Afghanistan against Taliban Cave Dwellers 9/29/18

Breaking Trump AMERICA FIRST not GLOBALIST 1st Full Speech United Nations September 25 2018 News

BREAKING Historical Major Political Earthquake hits DC Kavanaugh Opening Statement Senate Hearing September 2018 News

Breaking Trump speech on Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare @ UN Security Council meeting

BREAKING Russia Blames Israel on Russian Military Plane shot down in Syria September 24 2018 News

BREAKING Israel Air Strikes Latakia Syria & Russian Military jet Shot Down Raw Footage 9/18/18

Breaking Ezekiel Bible Prophecy coming Gog Magog War Last Days End times news update September 2018

Heavenly & Fallen Angels Demons Ghosts do You believe in the unseen world ???

Strange Sounds UFO’s? HAARP Weather Manipulation weapons mind control

BREAKING Israeli Air Strikes on Damascus Airport Syria Raw Footage September 15 2018 News

BREAKING Russia China Massive War Drills Largest in 40 Years Sending Message to West 9/14/18

BREAKING 2018 Mattis warns China Militarization South China Sea China vs USA doorstep War 2018

End Times News update Bible Prophecy Current Events Apostasy Church Falling Away August 2018

Mega Churches Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie False Teaching Rick Warren CONNECTIONS

U2 B Heavenbound Youtube CENSORING U2Bheavenbound Conservative Views HELP by Share videos 2018

Breaking News Current Events 2018

End Times News Update

Breaking News

End Times News Bible Prophecy Last Days Deception in Churches 2018

Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Rick Warren Joel Osteen Ecumenical Catholic Pope Interfaith Chrislam

BREAKING Brian Brodersen Calvary Chapel Ravi Zacharias ECUMENICAL APOSTASY 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Arch Bishop says Quran Holy Book Islam Muslims R Brothers Sisters 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Pope Francis declares Atheists go to HEAVEN 2018 News

Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades endorses unbiblical teachers purpose driven emergent Saddleback church founder Rick Warren


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Landlords of the New World Order Part I “Deep Church & Deep State”

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Please visit my Patreon page
I have been a journalist for 25 years in Rockford, Illinois and helped to build a newspaper, The Rock River Times, a weekly with a circulation of 22,000. The new “managers have taken ABSOLUTE CONTROL since the Publisher and Editor Frank Schier passed away a year ago.

Imagine a community newspaper committing fraud to publish “the truth?” Sound familiar with the mainstream press? That is the deal. We used to be an INDEPENDENT “Voice of the Community.” Not without the owners VOICE!!

I need some legal help to get my paper back in my possession.

I have put up a blog to EXPOSE the local cartel that controls this Illinois Political Machine franchise.

And I have documented on my YouTube Channel some of the evidence of WHO and HOW the cartel damages me of about $2K/month for the past 4 years and are protected by the City and Church CIA cartel money changers.

What you’re about to see is how the Deep Church and Deep State keep their evil secret practices from the public by “killing the messenger’s” income and business, much like was done to Gary Webb who wrote the “Dark Alliance” series. The ones targeting me have DIRECT TIES to “The Most Famous Murder Mystery In America” of the Two Boys on the Tracks in Little Rock, Arkansas by the Saline County authorities.

The Illinois Department of Tourism is EXTREMELY STINGY with the Truth of what’s to see here and the children have to keep the secrets.

I am a target of the local Illinois crime machine since I was lured into a series of real estate FRAUDS run by the local Deep Church bankers, attorneys and Deep State Democrat bankers, attorneys and politicians since 1978 when I was 18-years old.

Having exposed the cartel’s extra-legal damages to me, the community and others, I have been targeted with court frauds, wherein the local cartel stole half-a-million dollars from me from 2002-2006 for exposing an alleged child molesting judge and network-ring. The Church banker’s scams continue with the City.

And the City Mayoral cartel damages my properties with their “proxies” sent to rent them, damage them and the City then sends they Building Department to cite me. The Police Dept. is controlled by the Top Democrats orchestrated from the Mayor’s Office.

I’ve found the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois PROTECTS the cartel, specifically through their BILLION-DOLLAR CIA Chicago Law Firms, whose interests tie directly to the cartel. EVEN THE NEW ONE APPOINTED by POTUS, John Lauch, whose law partner is former NWO United Nation’s Ambassador and NEW National Security Council Advisor John Bolton.

Trump is surrounded by their Washington, D.C. benefactors. We are in an awful situation, to be sure, if we don’t challenge their illicit actions. This is what is happening to many other “Truthers.” What’s the alternative?

Having no RECOURSE from the RULE of LAW in “The Illinois System,” I will be using the Court of Public Opinion until I get my newspaper in my possession from the local political machine.

I’ve made my living (and not) renting apartments units for 40 years. The City of Rockford and a group of Mormon Church Bishops, attorneys, bankers and real-estate investors have committed Affinity Fraud against about 40 people besides myself with no end in sight.

Since the Mormon Church cartel leaders and City of Rockford are the top attorneys, who OWN the corrupt judges, the Court of Public Opinion is the only recourse for redress of hundreds of GRIEVANCES, including fraud and much worse.

I believe this is the Illinois leg of “Operation Gladio” which was operated bi Chicago Mormon Banker David M. Kennedi and Chicago Archbishop Paul Marcinkus. Both had “diplomatic immunity.” Those targeting me, are the DIRECT DESCENDANTS and FAMILY.

And did I mention, these church criminals target my own mother and the grandkids? Like they “groomed” me, they are “grooming” your kids today!

Please see my blog:

Please help with a donation.


Jonathan Bystrom

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | Salt Lake City Hour 1 Preview | PBS

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Official Website: | #AntiquesRoadshow. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is all new from Salt Lake City on Monday, April 3rd at 8/7C on PBS! Check out this sneak preview of an early hymnal produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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ANTIQUES ROADSHOW puts the reality in reality television! Part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW marks its 21st season in 2017. Veteran television personality Mark L. Walberg serves as series host. In each hour-long ROADSHOW episode, specialists from the country’s leading auction houses and independent dealers offer free appraisals of antiques and collectibles. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW cameras capture tales of family heirlooms, flea market finds and items saved from attics and basements, while experts reveal the fascinating truths about these items.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW airs Mondays at 8/7C PM & 9/8C PM on PBS. Watch full-length episodes of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW at

To be the first to know about all our broadcast and tour info, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter & Instagram @RoadshowPBS, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Cincinnati, Ohio: Mass shooting

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September 6th, 2018, Cincinnati Police officers quickly neutralize an armed shooting suspect in a downtown office building. Three people were killed and several were wounded by the suspect.

What the video shows: It shows unarmed security guards bravely helping victims to safety. It shows bystanders courageously directing police officers to the area the suspect was in. It shows police officers running into danger to stop an active shooter.

What the video doesn’t show: Out of respect for the victims and their families we will not show the shooting victims and we will not use the suspects name.


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Background sound is Rihanna R. Fenty and Drake “Work” (c) .

HI: I’m Morris L. Walton…”The Journeyman Speaks”

HI: I’m Morris L. Walton…”The Journeyman Speaks”

1) Announcing my new book!

Hi there,

I’ve just published a new book and am so proud to share it with you! It’s available to preview and buy from the link below. I would love for you to take a look and to share it with your circles to help me spread the word.

This is (BOOK II, Version 2-3) the second offering from ‘The Journeyman Speaks. BOOK II is a continuation of (BOOK I), the first offering which is entitled, “Welcome to My Journal: Poems for Knowledge, Understanding, Love, Enlightenment and Revelation” (By Morris L. Walton).


Hope you like it,
Morris L. Walton

2) Announcing my new book!

Hi there,

I’ve just published a new book and am so proud to share it with you! It’s available to preview and buy from the link below. I would love for you to take a look and to share it with your circles to help me spread the word.

Hope you like it,
Morris L Walton
Hello Visitors:

I believe I have a message to share with a large audience. I want my messages or video messages
to be viewed as ‘Teaching Moments’ whereby I share some important knowledge that somehow ‘magically enters my mental spectrum or mental space.’ In other words, I want to discover, develop, enhance, promote, and share a little bit of my own personal creative ability with all that may be interested.

There are several references and quotes of bible scriptures that are linked and/or associated with various Spiritual References or church pastors/leaders throughout my book; however, I have never claimed nor do I presently claim that any of my Spiritual References endorse my book entitled Welcome to My Journey via Poems for Knowledge, Understanding, Love, Enlightenment and Revelation (by Morris Walton, Copyright ‘2010…ALL RIGHTS RESERVED): Furthermore, I have never requested such an endorsement or commission of any kind from any of my Spiritual References
referred to in my text book of poems. More importantly and in the same light, I have never intended to advertise for any of my Spiritual References and I do not presently advertise for any of them. In
addition, I do not and have not endorsed any Spiritual or Personal References or Music Recording
Artists over and above any other Spiritual or Personal References or Music Recording Artists. I have
not received and nor have I been offered any personal or financial gain to date from any of the references in my book. It is with great emphasis that I frankly state the obvious as it is very clear, each of my Spiritual References are themselves well established and well self-contained in their own specific as well as varying religious doctrines. Therefore, readers of my book are requested to treat the entire content, with quotes from the bible and large amounts of spiritual overtones, as my very own work because that is indeed the case and the precise fact of the matter. This is my own particular and specific creative work, writing, and spiritual enlightenment/revelation. In reference to all of the above, please, again, take note of my clearly stated upfront Preface comment regarding the fact that this book is not intended to be a work that conforms to any certain and specific religious text or doctrine. This book that I have conceived and implemented is simply a creative work that has many, many objectives: One of the primary objectives of my writing is that of an openness and inclusion theme threaded throughout my entire book. In addition, as also stated in the Preface (BOOK I), this book is meant to be used as a tool for sharing Knowledge, Understanding, Love, Enlightenment, Wisdom and Revelations.


Enjoy! (Morris L. Walton…11-13-2018) GOD BLESS!

Morris L. Walton (09.19.2011)/(11.13.2018)

Mailing Address:


Morris L. Walton
1333 S. 237TH LANE
Buckeye, AZ 85326

Electronic carillon at First Presbyterian Church

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Seven days a week, the sound of bells playing a concert of hymns emanates from the First Presbyterian Church on Washington Street in Watertown, N.Y. But the music is produced by an electronic carillon, not by actual bells.

Stationed in the choir room behind the altar of the sanctuary, the carillon has filled the downtown area with hymns for 30 years and is the longest-running electronic sound system used among churches in the city.

Pastor Adeboye Starts Airline Business With New Multi Billion Naira Gulfstream Jet Photo

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Some 24 hours after SaharaReporters revealed that controversial “miracle” prophet, T.B. Joshua, had secretly purchased a $60 million
private jet, our investigators have learned that another high profile pastor, Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has taken delivery of a brand new jet.The sources familiar with Pastor Adeboye’s purchase of the new Gulfstream aircraft disclosed that the jet’s arrival coincided with the pastor’s floating of a luxury jet company, Emmanuel Aviation. Although the aviation company reportedly existed since 2009, it had just unveiled a website to announce its swanky fleet and aviation services.

Pastor Adeboye’s Gulfstream G550 luxury jet was manufactured in Savannah, Georgia State in the US. The jet, which was made in 2013 is far newer than the one bought by Pastor TB Joshua.

Information obtained by SaharaReporters revealed that Pastor Adeboye took delivery of his brand new jet in May 2015.

We learned that, with the arrival of the US-registered jet, N730EA Gulfstream G550, Pastor Adeboye has jettisoned an older Gulfstream GIV with tail number N707EA that used to ferry him around the world on his preaching missions.

Our sources said the leader of the Redeemed Church personally owns Emmanuel Aviation to which the two jets are registered both in the US and Nigeria.

An aviation expert explained that Nigerian jet owners prefer US registration of their jets because such registration grants them generous landing rights worldwide.

Pastor Adeboye becomes the second Nigerian pastor to start a private airline in the country. The first operator of a private airline was the controversial prosperity preacher and billionaire pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo. The Winners Chapel pastor owns two aircraft in his Dominion Air Company. One of Pastor Oyedepo’s jets is a Bombardier Challenger 604 with registration number N664D while the other is a Beechcraft 19000D with registration number (5N-WCI).

Nigerian prosperity pastors have emerged as some of the wealthiest preachers in the world, but their luxury lifestyles are at variance with the squalor and poverty of most members of their churches.

Apart from owning a jet company, Pastor Adeboye’s RCCG also owns sprawling real estate along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. Former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience Jonathan, are reportedly among politically and socially privileged Nigerians who own multimillion dollar mansions at the RCCG.

warriors gathering-URM 2012 ann. conf. promo..wmv

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United Restoration Ministries 1st Annual “Warriors Gathering” hosted by us the “Oklahoma City Restoration Church” we are also promoting our Annual URM 2012 conference which will also be hosted by us here in OKC!!!!!
Our Calling: Missionaries to the Drug Addicts- to make Disciples of Christ out of them!
Our Vision: To reach ‘1,000,000 Drug Addicts’ & Plant Restoration Churches in the inner cities of USA & Mexico!
Our Plan: Establish Restoration Homes for men & women where we can: Care for them, Train them, & Guide them in the Word of GOD!!!!!

The Only – Loft Sessions – Valley Worship

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“The Only” is a song that has come out of the heart of the people of CCV (Christ’s Church of the Valley) in San Dimas, California. Valley Worship is an extension of the church creative family, and seeks to see people freely worship God with passion and greatness. This song has been captured live at the Azusa Pacific University Felix Event Center during CCV’s annual Easter services! Valley Worship’s hope is that you are ministered to by it, and are compelled to seek the presence of God in worship!

Link to purchase song:


Stay Connected!



Filmed and Edited By:
Shannon Hardy
Amanda Hardy

Produced By:
Ben Lounsbury

Directed By:
Ben Lounsbury